Writing Up

Writing up the Experiments 

Watch a video to see how to write up an Experiment. 

Think of the writeup as instructions that you would give someone else if you wanted them to do the same experiment – what do you need to tell them? It should be short with just enough information to get the message across.



Equipment and Materials: This is a list of anything that you need to do the experiment – for example

 “a glass of water”, “scissors”, “sugar”

Method: This is the steps you need to take – like a recipe for cooking something

Results: Here you write down your measurements and what you see.

You may use a table for your measurements


Or a graph




Conclusion: Here you say what your experiment told you. For example: 

I measured the speed of a toy car

I showed that water moves up the stem of a plant

New words:  This is an extra heading for learners of English to help with their new vocabulary