Safety is very important when doing Science. As we are not in a Science Lab, there are some experiments that we cannot do. For all experiments you do at home here are the Safety Rules:

Watch the video to see why safety is so important.

  1. Tell an adult before starting your Science experiments (and ask for help if needed) 
  2. Tie up long hair and secure loose clothing
  3. Wear old clothes or an apron 
  4. Do not eat or drink near your experiment
  5. Do not put your experiment in the fridge or near food
  6. Wash your hands when you finish your experiment
  7. Take care when using hot water or anything hot
  8. Take care when using candles 
  9. Take care when using ice or anything cold
  10. Keep strong magnets away from mobile phones
  11. When using electricity or batteries, do not get them wet and do not make a short circuit (this is when the plus (+) and the minus (-) of the battery is connected with wire and nothing else – it gets very warm and could cause a fire)