Plant Transport

Experiment : To Show the Path of the Water through the Plant

watch video and video2

The path of the water through the plant is called Plant Transport

Equipment and Materials: 1 celery stalk with leaves, 1 glass of water, ink or food colouring, scissors, spoon


  1. Add a few drops of ink to the water and stir
  2. Put the celery stalk into the water. Take note of the date
  3. Leave it in a bright, warm place for a few days
  4. Take out the celery and wash off the coloured water
  5. Take note of what has changed in the celery
  6. Using the scissors, cut sections of the stalk and take note of what you see

Result: We see coloured water in the tubes of the celery stalk and in its leaves

Conclusion: This experiment shows that the water travels up the plant into the leaves and flowers

We can repeat this experiment with a white flower to see the flower change colour 

New words: tube, method, transport, equipment, materials, stalk