Parts of the Flower

Experiment: To show the Parts of the Flower

Watch the video

Equipment and Materials: A flowering plant (for example a tulip), selotape, white plate, piece of glass


  1. Observe your plant and identify stem, leaves, sepals and petals. Count the petals.
  2. Look inside the petals and identify the stamens and the carpel. Count the stamens.
  3. Using your finger, carefully brush some pollen (the yellow powder) from the stamen, and stick the pollen onto some selotape. Stick the selotape on some glass or into your notebook.
  4. Carefully remove all of the leaves.
  5. Look for sepals (some plants do not have them) and remove them.
  6. Remove the stem.
  7. Remove the petals. 
  8. Carefully remove all stamens.
  9. Cut the carpel in two and observe.
  10. Draw and label the different parts of the flower (petals, sepals, stamen and carpel)


The parts of the flower are identified.


The tulip has 6 petals and 6 stamens. It does not have any sepals. It has one carpel. There is pollen on the stamens.

New words: 

Stem, flower, leaf (leaves), carpel, anther, stamen, pollen, petal, sepal.